Reedy Creek Avengers

Shopping Spree

Issue #3: Mayhem at the Mall!

Using the latest in crisis-detection technology (the TV was on Channel 13 24-hour local news), Fandral, Gremlin, and MorteM were alerted to the presence of the Rhino at the nearby Mall at Millenia. Using the Fantasticar (now modified by the Gremlin, for better or worse), the three quickly arrived at the scene to investigate. Fandral boldly confronted the Rhino, asking him to state his business. Rhino’s other compatriots, the Lizard and an unknown minion wearing the Guardsman armor revealed themselves and attacked. The Leader appeared on the overhead monitors to gloat about his latest scheme.

Mall at millenia

Fandral fell before the onslaught of both the Rhino and the Lizard, knocked unconscious. Gremlin donned the Titanium Man armor and engaged the Guardsmen. MorteM possessed the Rhino, using him to battle his own ally, the Lizard.

The battle raged back and forth, until the Thing arrived, and fought the Rhino in the parking lot just outside the main entrance. Fandral had recovered long enough to try and assist the Thing, but was again knocked unconscious by the Rhino in the ensuing fight. With the Guardsman and Lizard dealt with inside, the Gremlin brought his formidable weapons to bear on the Rhino, and he and the Thing pounded the villain into the pavement.

In the aftermath, the Leader continued to brag of his superior plans. Between the boasts, and some interrogation of the Guardsman, the heroes learned that the Leader planned to attack one of the three nuclear power plants in Florida. Calling in some favors, the RCA has arranged for a very heavy contingent of SHIELD to guard the St. Lucie plant and the rest of the Fantastic Four plus the Warriors Three to guard the Turkey Point facility. The goal is make the Crystal River plant the most attractive target for the Leader, for that is where the Reedy Creek Avengers will be lying in wait for him….



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