Reedy Creek Avengers

The Story So Far

The first two issues!

The Reedy Creek Avengers have fought several battles so far. The event that brought them together was a simple bank robbery in which several D-list villains struck in downtown Orlando. Fandral, Kitty Pryde (and Lockheed), the Gremlin, and MorteM all converged on the location and battled the Porcupine, Scourge and Slyde. It was latter revealed that the Leader was the organizer behind this crime.


The four heroes agreed to work together see if the Leader had any larger plans. An arrangement with a “major corporation” gave them a sort of hideout/ base of operations in the Adventurer’s Club, an abandoned entertainment venue. While it didn’t initially have any of the usual gadgets a superhero base has, the Gremlin has been continually modifying bits and pieces he may find. He has even threatened to build an animatronic bartender for the establishment.

A second incident required the attention of the heroes: Kangaroo, Chance and the Scorpion launched an attack on EPCOT. It is unknown what exactly their motives were, as they seemed only to be causing noise and light property damage. Kangaroo was even making a point of chasing tourists away from the danger. Regardless, the RC Avengers arrived, this time with the Thing and Cannonball, and made short work of the three villains. Almost immediately thereafter, none other than Spiderman, Firestar and Iceman, apparently under some sort of mind-control of the Leader’s, attacked the heroes. Again, the fight was quick, and the Reedy Creek Avengers emerged victorious.

Epcot spaceship earth picture 002



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