Reedy Creek Avengers

For Asgard!

Issue #6: Rock n' Troll

While regrouping in their headquarters, the Thing confronted Fandral over the intentional crashing of the Fantasticar. Fandral apologized, offering a bag of Asgardian gold to cover the damages. The conversation was interrupted by the delivery man, bringing a Thank You gift from the company: a heavy iron shield with Norwegian decoration.

Later that morning, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic, of the Fantastic Four) appeared in the middle of the team’s lobby, apparently testing a new teleportation device. The Thing, Fandral, and Shadowcat used the device to accompany Reed to New York to discuss the events of the past few weeks. After contacting Dr. Strange, Reed agreed that the The Leader’s plans involve some sort of undead reanimation, which may not require traditional necromancy, due to the strange properties of the Florida Swamps interacting with nuclear material. Rather than wait for the Leader to strike again, the team chose to seek out his location. Fandral suggested a visit to Asgard, so that Heimdall could search for the Leader’s whereabouts.

Using the teleporter, the Thing, Fandral and Shadowcat traveled to Broxton, Oklahoma and the ruins of Asgard. The Asgardians welcomed them warmly, offering food and drink. They were also told of a band of trolls that were causing disruptions for the rebuilding process. The Ready Creek Avengers immediately offered to ride out and stop the trolls.

Ok pump

As the three rode out towards the trolls’ camp, they were quickly spotted. The scout shouted a warning to the rest of the camp before Shadowcat could incapacitate him. A band of Rock Trolls, led by Geirrodur the Troll King, rushed to attack the RCA. Fandral briefly attempted to parlay with the king, but none of the trolls were in a talkative mood. A fight ensued, with Fandral and the Thing each dealing with a troll or two, while Shadowcat —surprisingly— managed to take out another half dozen or so. While Shadowcat finished off the remaining trolls, Fandral fought Geirrodur. Fandral was on the ropes when the Thing stepped in and knocked out Geirrodur.

The three Ready Creek Avengers returned to Asgard, where a celebratory feast was thrown in their honor. Somehow, Kitty Pryde even managed to hold her own in a drinking contest with Fandral and Ben Grimm. It was decided that Fandral should keep Geirrodur’s enchanted spear, Tordenstock; and the Thing would keep his crown for the Fantastic Four’s collection of artifacts. After the celebrations, Heimdall revealed the Leader’s exact location in New York City. The three returned to their base in Orlando to get the rest of the team….



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