Tag: hi-tech


  • Gremlin

    Believed killed years ago in a battle with Iron Man, the russian scientist/ inventor known as the Gremlin survived and has been laying low. He recently decided to break his self-imposed exile to see the sights of West. In particular, he wishes to see …

  • Porcupine

    Recently thwarted in a bank robbery attempt. The Reedy Creek Avengers disabled his suit's capabilities by throwing Humvee H2 upon him. Largely thanks to the Asgardian strength of Fandral, and the electronic inhibiting of Shadowcat. Gremlin used Titanium …

  • Slyde

    A throw away Spider-man villain was thrown right into jail, after Titanium Man blasted him in the FACE!

  • Crimson Dynamo

    A Soviet-era battle armor and frequent foe of Iron Man. What he is doing working for the Leader, and what his history with the [[:gremlin | Gremlin]] means, is unknown.