Reedy Creek Avengers

Florida Leader-Glades

Fandral returns to the Adventurer’s club and is reunited with teammate Mortem. The two are introduced to a new addition to the Reedy Creek Avengers, Black Panther.

Black panther

Using their combined skills, the Reedy Creek Avengers trace the materials from the false Lake Eola fountain to a swamp in the Everglades. They teleport to the area and discover a swamp shack housing an Avengers nemesis!

Grim reaper

The Grim Reaper is having an argument on his phone. The Reedy Creek Avengers leap into action!

Lake Eola under SIEGE!!

After apprehending the D-List villains, Fly, Stiltman and Mandril, our heroes part ways. Solarflare gives Shadowcat a lift to Westchester, New York. Fandral proceeds to the Baxter building to meet up with his ally, the Thing!
Baxter building

After unsuccessfully seducing the robot secretary, Fandral meets up with the Thing and is introduced to the Thing’s fellow Avenger, Clint Barton, Hawkeye!

After a brief introduction, Reed Richards races into the room with urgent news! Orlando, Fl is being attacked! It is up to the Reedy Creek Avangers to save Lake Eola’s visitors from the onslaught of Leader’s lackeys: the Rock and Redeemer!


Using their handy teleporter, our team misses their target by 10 miles. This places them closer to their base than the attack! Fortunately, using the schematics “acquired” at the Baxter building, the Gremlin has constructed a replica of the FF’s flying bathtub and left it at the Adventurer’s Club’s access hangar.


Approaching the fray, Hawkeye opens fire using a sonic tipped arrow! He misses!
Hawkeye huh

The sonic arrow goes off at Central Blvd causing some people to vomit and convulse! The Thing drops our heroes off at Lake Eola and proceeds to help the civilians.

Fandral leaps upon the Rock while Hawkeye provides cover fire. He misses again!

Hawkeye huh

The exploding arrow hits the Lake Eola fountain revealing something inside! The Rock flies to the fountain and peels open the top, revealing this:


After incapacitating the Rock and Redeemer, the Thing arrives and it is Clobberin’ Time!
The thing
The Thing leaps upon the Triceratops looking creature! Riding it like a bucking bronco, the Thing attacks! At that moment, the creature leaps for Hawkeye clamping down with its amazing mandibles!

Hawkeye huh

Hawkeye is knocked out in a single bite! The Thing repeatedly bludgeons the creature to the back of its neck until it can suffer his onslaught no more! The trio are successful.

Reed Richards is contacted by the Thing and arrives to inspect the scene. He notices that the creature they fought is “Droog!” A creation and pet to the Gremlin and long believed dead. The Rock and Redeemer were also believed to have perished in a fight with the Hulk.

The fountain was, in fact, a newly constructed replica, designed to store Droog and allow him to thrive on Gamma rays.

What is the Leader doing and are these examples of his resurrection abilities?

Seduction of the Mandril!

After an unusually cordial visit to the Red Ghost in the Leader’s New York base of operations, our heroes have only a moment to reflect on what they’ve learned.
Suddenly, the normal New York City chatter is interrupted by a bank alarm! Shadowcat, Solar Flare and Fandryl rush to the scene of the crime! To their surprise, the RCA find Stiltman, the Fly, and Mandril with bags of money running down the street!

Solar Flare misses his target after Stiltman went from 40 ft. in height to 12! Fandryl knocks the Fly unconscious after some well placed blows, and the Mandril uses his seductive pheromones to control Kitty Pryde!

Fortunately, Kitty Pryde’s willpower was enough to cause all of her attempted attacks to fail miserably. Although, the pheromones still caused her to feel a great attraction to the Mandril and was more than willing to follow all of his orders!

Solar Flare , using a light speed ramming maneuver, incapacitated Stiltman. Local law enforcement took it from there.

Upper West Side Manhattan
Issue #8: Leader's Lair!

Reed Richards contacts the group and requests the Thing to the Baxter building immediately! He is given a lift by Titanium Man who is all too eager to inspect Richards’ base of operations even further.
The Reedy Creek Avengers, Shadow Cat, Fandral and Solar Flare remain. Upon inspecting the head of the fallen Swordsman android, a holographic communicator is discovered! Upon activation, our heroes are face to face with the soviet villain, The Red Ghost!
Red ghost head
Using her mastery of the Russian language, Kitty Pryde befriends the Red Ghost and the two pleasantly end their conversation.
The Reedy Creek Avengers, following the address given to them by the god Heimdale, arrive outside of the Leader’s lair! Lacking the aid of Titanium Man and the Thing, our remaining heroes decide to stake out the building.
Upper west side
Using some clever tactics, the heroes disable the communications satellite dish on the building’s roof. Moments later, three apes emerge from the roof access. As the apes begin repairs upon the dish, the RCA springs into action!
The super ape Peotr, using his power of magnetism, relieves Fandral of his sword! Fandral immediately resorts to facing the super gorilla, Miklho, in hand to hand combat. A miscalculation on Fandrals part causes him to completely miss the super gorilla, leaving him wide open to Miklho’s powerful right uppercut! Fandral’s face is met with enough force to level a small building! This is more than enough to launch Fandral and send him several city blocks in distance before he careens into the Hudson River!
Hudson river small
The remaining heroes are momentarily stunned! Solar Flare launches several attacks at the shapeshifting ape, Igor, as Peotr opens up a volley of electromagnetic energy on Solar Flare. Shadowcat phases out, and is shocked to feel a tug on her arm! It is the Red Ghost! He is matching her density with his own power of intangibility! He had risen through the roof to enter the fray!
Fortunately for all involved, the Red Ghost is willing to listen to reason. He has a soft spot for Kitty Pryde, and allows the group to explain. The Red Ghost is even willing to INVITE the group into the Leader’s lair!
The Red Ghost reveals that the Leader, while not a close friend, is brilliant. He has teamed up with him, because he feels the Leader has devised a way to cheat death! Using the example of the Glob, the Leader has been devising ways to resurrect other people in a similar fashion. A combination of Florida swamp land, nuclear radiation and DNA are the key elements necessary.
The Ghost states that the Leader does not completely trust him, and that is why the base is impenetrable to those with intangibility.
The next target is in Orlando, and the screens in the base had revolving schematics of the Leader’s “Rock” and “Redeemer” armors.
Rock redeemer
The Red Ghost seemed to implie that the group may recognize some that are resurrected in the near future…!

Midtown Manhattan
Issue #7: Crime Square

With the newly acquired address of the Leader, our heroes set out to ambush their enemy unannounced!
Unfortunately, their teleportation device landed them in the middle of Times Square. Normally a 2 mile detour would not be a great inconvenience, but they were witness to an assault by the villainous Griffin!

The heroes bravely fought the monster and secured him to the asphalt.
Before they could continue, the Leader reveled his image on the electronic Coca Cola billboard. Coke times square
Immediately, the Leader teleported several cronies upon the Reedy Creek Avengers: Kraven the Hunter, the Swordsman and an unknown man using the Devastator armor.
Kraven muSwordsman largeDevastator
Flying at the speed of light, Solar Flare charged into the Devastator’s head and completely decapitated him! Fortunately for all involved, the Devastator and his allies were all android duplicates of the fallen villains. Our heroes made short work of the Leader’s robots and exchanged words with him before the Leader cut his feed.

For Asgard!
Issue #6: Rock n' Troll

While regrouping in their headquarters, the Thing confronted Fandral over the intentional crashing of the Fantasticar. Fandral apologized, offering a bag of Asgardian gold to cover the damages. The conversation was interrupted by the delivery man, bringing a Thank You gift from the company: a heavy iron shield with Norwegian decoration.

Later that morning, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic, of the Fantastic Four) appeared in the middle of the team’s lobby, apparently testing a new teleportation device. The Thing, Fandral, and Shadowcat used the device to accompany Reed to New York to discuss the events of the past few weeks. After contacting Dr. Strange, Reed agreed that the The Leader’s plans involve some sort of undead reanimation, which may not require traditional necromancy, due to the strange properties of the Florida Swamps interacting with nuclear material. Rather than wait for the Leader to strike again, the team chose to seek out his location. Fandral suggested a visit to Asgard, so that Heimdall could search for the Leader’s whereabouts.

Using the teleporter, the Thing, Fandral and Shadowcat traveled to Broxton, Oklahoma and the ruins of Asgard. The Asgardians welcomed them warmly, offering food and drink. They were also told of a band of trolls that were causing disruptions for the rebuilding process. The Ready Creek Avengers immediately offered to ride out and stop the trolls.

Ok pump

As the three rode out towards the trolls’ camp, they were quickly spotted. The scout shouted a warning to the rest of the camp before Shadowcat could incapacitate him. A band of Rock Trolls, led by Geirrodur the Troll King, rushed to attack the RCA. Fandral briefly attempted to parlay with the king, but none of the trolls were in a talkative mood. A fight ensued, with Fandral and the Thing each dealing with a troll or two, while Shadowcat —surprisingly— managed to take out another half dozen or so. While Shadowcat finished off the remaining trolls, Fandral fought Geirrodur. Fandral was on the ropes when the Thing stepped in and knocked out Geirrodur.

The three Ready Creek Avengers returned to Asgard, where a celebratory feast was thrown in their honor. Somehow, Kitty Pryde even managed to hold her own in a drinking contest with Fandral and Ben Grimm. It was decided that Fandral should keep Geirrodur’s enchanted spear, Tordenstock; and the Thing would keep his crown for the Fantastic Four’s collection of artifacts. After the celebrations, Heimdall revealed the Leader’s exact location in New York City. The three returned to their base in Orlando to get the rest of the team….

The U-Foes Attack!
Issue #5: Introducing... SOLARFLARE

The Reedy Creek Avengers prepared for a trip to New York, seeking advice from the one and only Reed Richards. Before they could depart, a glowing figure was seen flying, circling over the Downtown Disney area. Sending Lockheed to investigate, the team discovered a young man calling himself Solarflare who claimed to be the “local” superhero of the central Florida area.
1189109 downtown disney orlando

Moments later, that was put to test when the U-Foes attacked!

The RCA’s corporate sponsor (they fund the team’s headquarters) contacted the team to inform them of yet another attack on property, this time at the Ticketing & Transportation Hub. The U-Foes were on the loose.

Cannonball, Fandral, Gremlin, Kitty Pryde, and Solarflare fired up the Fantasicar and headed into action. In an effort to protect the team’s resources, the Thing had left very clear instructions that only Fandral was to be trusted with the Fantasticar, despite his relative unfamiliarity with more advanced technology. The Thing did not count on Fandral having a very, very poor reaction to the U-Foes due to their involvement with the destruction of Soldier Field and Asgard itself. As the team arrived, Fandral’s first action was to crash the Fantasticar into all four U-Foes: X-Ray, Vector, Vapor, and Ironclad.
Mk parking

Once the battle was joined, all team members acquitted themselves well, though the young Solarflare was knocked out by several blasts from X-Ray. The crash and a blast from one of the RCA took out Vector nearly immediately. Kitty Pryde figured out that her ability to turn intangible allowed her to affect the also intangible X-Ray and Vapor, so she and Fandral joined forces to incapacitate those two. Cannonball and the Gremlin (in his Titanium Man armor) pounded Ironclad into the asphalt.

After the U-Foes were apprehended, Vector informed the RCA that the The Leader had ordered them to delay (at the least) the heroes’ trip to New York. He also implied that the reason the Leader wanted blood samples taken in the last fight ( Meltdown) was for some sort of reanimation project.

Issue #4: Tumble at the Towers

The heroes prepared themselves for the Leader’s attack on the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. The Thing, MorteM, Kitty Pryde & Lockheed, Fandral, and the Gremlin all traveled in the Fantasticar to the plant. Immediately after landing, they convinced the plant supervisor to send home all non-essential staff, leaving very few personnel on hand.

Not long after, a truck appeared and attempted to enter the facility, despite all other vehicles being turned away. The Thing stopped the truck and questioned the driver. Moments later, the rear of the truck exploded and a group of super-powered mercenaries emerged. Electro, the Crimson Dynamo and four of the Reavers all launched an attack.

The Crimson Dynamo made a beeline for MorteM, while the Gremlin (in his Titanium Man armor) went straight after Dynamo. All three fought inside the lobby of the plant’s reception area, while the receptionist Melissa took cover nearby. The Crimson Dynamo grappled with MorteM, sticking some sort of needle into MorteM’s skin.

Outside, the remaining heroes charged into battle with Electro and the Reavers. The Thing and Fandral charged across open ground under a hail of gunfire and lightning. Lockheed the dragon returned fire —pun not intended. After being shot several times, Fandral leapt into hand to hand combat with the Reavers, very quickly incapacitating three and staggering Electro. Fandral was shot several more times, as was Lockheed. Kitty used a gun taken from one of the fallen Reavers to return fire, wounding the remaining cyborg. The ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing punched out the lights on Electro and the Reaver Pretty Boy.

Inside, Mortem was felled by errant blaster fire exchanged between the two Russian armors. Crimson Dynamo took to the air, with the Titanium Man in pursuit. The Titanium Man proved much faster, and soon brought them both crashing back to earth. Kitty Pryde, the Thing and the Gremlin all disabled the Crimson Dynamo’s armor and apprehended him.

In the aftermath of the chaotic battle, it was learned that Leader’s forces had attacked all three nuclear power plants in Florida. The entire operation may or may not have been staged solely to draw out Mortem, Doctor Voodoo and a creature called the Glob for some sort of blood samples. What the Leader wants with this information remains to be seen….
Crystal river

Best Panel of the Issue

Kitty Pryde, angry that someone would dare shoot Lockheed, kicks over the unconscious and bleeding Reaver, picks up a large machine gun, and opens fire on the offending villain.

Shopping Spree
Issue #3: Mayhem at the Mall!

Using the latest in crisis-detection technology (the TV was on Channel 13 24-hour local news), Fandral, Gremlin, and MorteM were alerted to the presence of the Rhino at the nearby Mall at Millenia. Using the Fantasticar (now modified by the Gremlin, for better or worse), the three quickly arrived at the scene to investigate. Fandral boldly confronted the Rhino, asking him to state his business. Rhino’s other compatriots, the Lizard and an unknown minion wearing the Guardsman armor revealed themselves and attacked. The Leader appeared on the overhead monitors to gloat about his latest scheme.

Mall at millenia

Fandral fell before the onslaught of both the Rhino and the Lizard, knocked unconscious. Gremlin donned the Titanium Man armor and engaged the Guardsmen. MorteM possessed the Rhino, using him to battle his own ally, the Lizard.

The battle raged back and forth, until the Thing arrived, and fought the Rhino in the parking lot just outside the main entrance. Fandral had recovered long enough to try and assist the Thing, but was again knocked unconscious by the Rhino in the ensuing fight. With the Guardsman and Lizard dealt with inside, the Gremlin brought his formidable weapons to bear on the Rhino, and he and the Thing pounded the villain into the pavement.

In the aftermath, the Leader continued to brag of his superior plans. Between the boasts, and some interrogation of the Guardsman, the heroes learned that the Leader planned to attack one of the three nuclear power plants in Florida. Calling in some favors, the RCA has arranged for a very heavy contingent of SHIELD to guard the St. Lucie plant and the rest of the Fantastic Four plus the Warriors Three to guard the Turkey Point facility. The goal is make the Crystal River plant the most attractive target for the Leader, for that is where the Reedy Creek Avengers will be lying in wait for him….

The Story So Far
The first two issues!

The Reedy Creek Avengers have fought several battles so far. The event that brought them together was a simple bank robbery in which several D-list villains struck in downtown Orlando. Fandral, Kitty Pryde (and Lockheed), the Gremlin, and MorteM all converged on the location and battled the Porcupine, Scourge and Slyde. It was latter revealed that the Leader was the organizer behind this crime.


The four heroes agreed to work together see if the Leader had any larger plans. An arrangement with a “major corporation” gave them a sort of hideout/ base of operations in the Adventurer’s Club, an abandoned entertainment venue. While it didn’t initially have any of the usual gadgets a superhero base has, the Gremlin has been continually modifying bits and pieces he may find. He has even threatened to build an animatronic bartender for the establishment.

A second incident required the attention of the heroes: Kangaroo, Chance and the Scorpion launched an attack on EPCOT. It is unknown what exactly their motives were, as they seemed only to be causing noise and light property damage. Kangaroo was even making a point of chasing tourists away from the danger. Regardless, the RC Avengers arrived, this time with the Thing and Cannonball, and made short work of the three villains. Almost immediately thereafter, none other than Spiderman, Firestar and Iceman, apparently under some sort of mind-control of the Leader’s, attacked the heroes. Again, the fight was quick, and the Reedy Creek Avengers emerged victorious.

Epcot spaceship earth picture 002


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