Fandral the Dashing

F In (40)
A Rm (30)
S Am (50)
E In (40)
R Gd (10)
I Rm (30)
P Ex (20)

Health: 160, Resources: EX (20), Popularity: 50

Body Armor — GD (10) Fandral, like all Asgardians, has Good protection from all physical and energy attacks.

Fandral is a master swordsman. In addition to the +1 CS he receives when using any bladed weapon, he receives an additional +1 CS when using a sword, as well as gaining +2 on any initiative roll. Due to his flamboyant fighting style, he is also capable of performing Acrobatics and Tumbling in combat.

Fandral is a member of the Warriors Three and a loyal citizen of Asgard.

Fandral’s sword is not enchanted but is made of the strong metals wrought by the smiths of Asgard. It is made of Incredible strength material. Fandral may use both the edge of his sword (for edged attacks) and the flat of the blade (for blunt attacks) in combat.


After the destruction of their home during Norman Osborn’s “siege”, the Asgardians are somewhat disoriented and disarrayed. Fandral, being one of the more social Asgardians, has decided to venture into the mortal world to see what he can learn (and what pleasure he can find), with the idea of helping the others integrate a bit easier into Midgard culture.


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