Reedy Creek Avengers

Upper West Side Manhattan

Issue #8: Leader's Lair!

Reed Richards contacts the group and requests the Thing to the Baxter building immediately! He is given a lift by Titanium Man who is all too eager to inspect Richards’ base of operations even further.
The Reedy Creek Avengers, Shadow Cat, Fandral and Solar Flare remain. Upon inspecting the head of the fallen Swordsman android, a holographic communicator is discovered! Upon activation, our heroes are face to face with the soviet villain, The Red Ghost!
Red ghost head
Using her mastery of the Russian language, Kitty Pryde befriends the Red Ghost and the two pleasantly end their conversation.
The Reedy Creek Avengers, following the address given to them by the god Heimdale, arrive outside of the Leader’s lair! Lacking the aid of Titanium Man and the Thing, our remaining heroes decide to stake out the building.
Upper west side
Using some clever tactics, the heroes disable the communications satellite dish on the building’s roof. Moments later, three apes emerge from the roof access. As the apes begin repairs upon the dish, the RCA springs into action!
The super ape Peotr, using his power of magnetism, relieves Fandral of his sword! Fandral immediately resorts to facing the super gorilla, Miklho, in hand to hand combat. A miscalculation on Fandrals part causes him to completely miss the super gorilla, leaving him wide open to Miklho’s powerful right uppercut! Fandral’s face is met with enough force to level a small building! This is more than enough to launch Fandral and send him several city blocks in distance before he careens into the Hudson River!
Hudson river small
The remaining heroes are momentarily stunned! Solar Flare launches several attacks at the shapeshifting ape, Igor, as Peotr opens up a volley of electromagnetic energy on Solar Flare. Shadowcat phases out, and is shocked to feel a tug on her arm! It is the Red Ghost! He is matching her density with his own power of intangibility! He had risen through the roof to enter the fray!
Fortunately for all involved, the Red Ghost is willing to listen to reason. He has a soft spot for Kitty Pryde, and allows the group to explain. The Red Ghost is even willing to INVITE the group into the Leader’s lair!
The Red Ghost reveals that the Leader, while not a close friend, is brilliant. He has teamed up with him, because he feels the Leader has devised a way to cheat death! Using the example of the Glob, the Leader has been devising ways to resurrect other people in a similar fashion. A combination of Florida swamp land, nuclear radiation and DNA are the key elements necessary.
The Ghost states that the Leader does not completely trust him, and that is why the base is impenetrable to those with intangibility.
The next target is in Orlando, and the screens in the base had revolving schematics of the Leader’s “Rock” and “Redeemer” armors.
Rock redeemer
The Red Ghost seemed to implie that the group may recognize some that are resurrected in the near future…!



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