Reedy Creek Avengers

The U-Foes Attack!

Issue #5: Introducing... SOLARFLARE

The Reedy Creek Avengers prepared for a trip to New York, seeking advice from the one and only Reed Richards. Before they could depart, a glowing figure was seen flying, circling over the Downtown Disney area. Sending Lockheed to investigate, the team discovered a young man calling himself Solarflare who claimed to be the “local” superhero of the central Florida area.
1189109 downtown disney orlando

Moments later, that was put to test when the U-Foes attacked!

The RCA’s corporate sponsor (they fund the team’s headquarters) contacted the team to inform them of yet another attack on property, this time at the Ticketing & Transportation Hub. The U-Foes were on the loose.

Cannonball, Fandral, Gremlin, Kitty Pryde, and Solarflare fired up the Fantasicar and headed into action. In an effort to protect the team’s resources, the Thing had left very clear instructions that only Fandral was to be trusted with the Fantasticar, despite his relative unfamiliarity with more advanced technology. The Thing did not count on Fandral having a very, very poor reaction to the U-Foes due to their involvement with the destruction of Soldier Field and Asgard itself. As the team arrived, Fandral’s first action was to crash the Fantasticar into all four U-Foes: X-Ray, Vector, Vapor, and Ironclad.
Mk parking

Once the battle was joined, all team members acquitted themselves well, though the young Solarflare was knocked out by several blasts from X-Ray. The crash and a blast from one of the RCA took out Vector nearly immediately. Kitty Pryde figured out that her ability to turn intangible allowed her to affect the also intangible X-Ray and Vapor, so she and Fandral joined forces to incapacitate those two. Cannonball and the Gremlin (in his Titanium Man armor) pounded Ironclad into the asphalt.

After the U-Foes were apprehended, Vector informed the RCA that the The Leader had ordered them to delay (at the least) the heroes’ trip to New York. He also implied that the reason the Leader wanted blood samples taken in the last fight ( Meltdown) was for some sort of reanimation project.



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