Reedy Creek Avengers

Seduction of the Mandril!

After an unusually cordial visit to the Red Ghost in the Leader’s New York base of operations, our heroes have only a moment to reflect on what they’ve learned.
Suddenly, the normal New York City chatter is interrupted by a bank alarm! Shadowcat, Solar Flare and Fandryl rush to the scene of the crime! To their surprise, the RCA find Stiltman, the Fly, and Mandril with bags of money running down the street!

Solar Flare misses his target after Stiltman went from 40 ft. in height to 12! Fandryl knocks the Fly unconscious after some well placed blows, and the Mandril uses his seductive pheromones to control Kitty Pryde!

Fortunately, Kitty Pryde’s willpower was enough to cause all of her attempted attacks to fail miserably. Although, the pheromones still caused her to feel a great attraction to the Mandril and was more than willing to follow all of his orders!

Solar Flare , using a light speed ramming maneuver, incapacitated Stiltman. Local law enforcement took it from there.



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