Reedy Creek Avengers

Midtown Manhattan

Issue #7: Crime Square

With the newly acquired address of the Leader, our heroes set out to ambush their enemy unannounced!
Unfortunately, their teleportation device landed them in the middle of Times Square. Normally a 2 mile detour would not be a great inconvenience, but they were witness to an assault by the villainous Griffin!

The heroes bravely fought the monster and secured him to the asphalt.
Before they could continue, the Leader reveled his image on the electronic Coca Cola billboard. Coke times square
Immediately, the Leader teleported several cronies upon the Reedy Creek Avengers: Kraven the Hunter, the Swordsman and an unknown man using the Devastator armor.
Kraven muSwordsman largeDevastator
Flying at the speed of light, Solar Flare charged into the Devastator’s head and completely decapitated him! Fortunately for all involved, the Devastator and his allies were all android duplicates of the fallen villains. Our heroes made short work of the Leader’s robots and exchanged words with him before the Leader cut his feed.



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