Reedy Creek Avengers


Issue #4: Tumble at the Towers

The heroes prepared themselves for the Leader’s attack on the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. The Thing, MorteM, Kitty Pryde & Lockheed, Fandral, and the Gremlin all traveled in the Fantasticar to the plant. Immediately after landing, they convinced the plant supervisor to send home all non-essential staff, leaving very few personnel on hand.

Not long after, a truck appeared and attempted to enter the facility, despite all other vehicles being turned away. The Thing stopped the truck and questioned the driver. Moments later, the rear of the truck exploded and a group of super-powered mercenaries emerged. Electro, the Crimson Dynamo and four of the Reavers all launched an attack.

The Crimson Dynamo made a beeline for MorteM, while the Gremlin (in his Titanium Man armor) went straight after Dynamo. All three fought inside the lobby of the plant’s reception area, while the receptionist Melissa took cover nearby. The Crimson Dynamo grappled with MorteM, sticking some sort of needle into MorteM’s skin.

Outside, the remaining heroes charged into battle with Electro and the Reavers. The Thing and Fandral charged across open ground under a hail of gunfire and lightning. Lockheed the dragon returned fire —pun not intended. After being shot several times, Fandral leapt into hand to hand combat with the Reavers, very quickly incapacitating three and staggering Electro. Fandral was shot several more times, as was Lockheed. Kitty used a gun taken from one of the fallen Reavers to return fire, wounding the remaining cyborg. The ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing punched out the lights on Electro and the Reaver Pretty Boy.

Inside, Mortem was felled by errant blaster fire exchanged between the two Russian armors. Crimson Dynamo took to the air, with the Titanium Man in pursuit. The Titanium Man proved much faster, and soon brought them both crashing back to earth. Kitty Pryde, the Thing and the Gremlin all disabled the Crimson Dynamo’s armor and apprehended him.

In the aftermath of the chaotic battle, it was learned that Leader’s forces had attacked all three nuclear power plants in Florida. The entire operation may or may not have been staged solely to draw out Mortem, Doctor Voodoo and a creature called the Glob for some sort of blood samples. What the Leader wants with this information remains to be seen….
Crystal river

Best Panel of the Issue

Kitty Pryde, angry that someone would dare shoot Lockheed, kicks over the unconscious and bleeding Reaver, picks up a large machine gun, and opens fire on the offending villain.



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