Reedy Creek Avengers

Lake Eola under SIEGE!!

After apprehending the D-List villains, Fly, Stiltman and Mandril, our heroes part ways. Solarflare gives Shadowcat a lift to Westchester, New York. Fandral proceeds to the Baxter building to meet up with his ally, the Thing!
Baxter building

After unsuccessfully seducing the robot secretary, Fandral meets up with the Thing and is introduced to the Thing’s fellow Avenger, Clint Barton, Hawkeye!

After a brief introduction, Reed Richards races into the room with urgent news! Orlando, Fl is being attacked! It is up to the Reedy Creek Avangers to save Lake Eola’s visitors from the onslaught of Leader’s lackeys: the Rock and Redeemer!


Using their handy teleporter, our team misses their target by 10 miles. This places them closer to their base than the attack! Fortunately, using the schematics “acquired” at the Baxter building, the Gremlin has constructed a replica of the FF’s flying bathtub and left it at the Adventurer’s Club’s access hangar.


Approaching the fray, Hawkeye opens fire using a sonic tipped arrow! He misses!
Hawkeye huh

The sonic arrow goes off at Central Blvd causing some people to vomit and convulse! The Thing drops our heroes off at Lake Eola and proceeds to help the civilians.

Fandral leaps upon the Rock while Hawkeye provides cover fire. He misses again!

Hawkeye huh

The exploding arrow hits the Lake Eola fountain revealing something inside! The Rock flies to the fountain and peels open the top, revealing this:


After incapacitating the Rock and Redeemer, the Thing arrives and it is Clobberin’ Time!
The thing
The Thing leaps upon the Triceratops looking creature! Riding it like a bucking bronco, the Thing attacks! At that moment, the creature leaps for Hawkeye clamping down with its amazing mandibles!

Hawkeye huh

Hawkeye is knocked out in a single bite! The Thing repeatedly bludgeons the creature to the back of its neck until it can suffer his onslaught no more! The trio are successful.

Reed Richards is contacted by the Thing and arrives to inspect the scene. He notices that the creature they fought is “Droog!” A creation and pet to the Gremlin and long believed dead. The Rock and Redeemer were also believed to have perished in a fight with the Hulk.

The fountain was, in fact, a newly constructed replica, designed to store Droog and allow him to thrive on Gamma rays.

What is the Leader doing and are these examples of his resurrection abilities?



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