The Reedy Creek Avengers

Avengers Assemble?

“Reedy Creek Avengers” is the semi-official name given to an impromptu group of super heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Central Florida, Orlando and especially the Disney area is world-renowned as a vacation destination, and yes, even heroes take vacations. Recently, a small band of super-powered individuals were each separately visiting the area, when a crime wave attracted their attention. They have temporarily joined forces to protect the people of Orlando, and hopefully, get back to relaxing and having some fun.

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The Marvel Universe consists of nearly infinite alternate realities. The primary, official continuity is known as Earth-616, with dozens of others being identified, including Earth-1610 (the Ultimates), Earth-811 (Days of Future Past), and Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme). The Reedy Creek Avengers takes place “near” Earth-616 —an alternate Earth so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable. So far, all major timeline events seem to have occurred in this reality, with nothing from the RCA stories being unexplainable in the continuity. Considering that Spiderman and Wolverine are both members of two Avengers teams (plus their own books) it is not a difficult stretch for Kitty Pryde, Cannonball, or the Thing to be participating in the Reedy Creek adventures as “extra curricular activities.”

Marvel Super Heroes Resources

Many of the Marvel rule books, in PDF format, can found at Classic Marvel Forever along with stats for dozens of Marvel (and DC) characters.

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Reedy Creek Avengers

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